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The activity that we lived last Saturday was extremely special because we did something that we were missing, because it is the essence of our group, which is to launch ourselves into an adventure!

Compañía Uruguaya de vinos de Mar (CUVdM) is a very young enterprise, only last year they launched their first wines, but in a very short time they have made themselves known.

They only produce two varieties, Albariño and Pinot Noir, from two different regions of Maldonado: Garzón and Piriápolis. That is, 2 Albariños and 2 Pinot Noir from each of these areas.

We say that they have been noticed in such a short time because their two varieties produced in the Garzón vineyard were awarded as the best wines in the country in their category according to the Uruguay Special Report 2021 by Master Wine Tim Atkin.

And who is behind this enterprise? It belongs to 3 families, one from Uruguay and two from Argentina. The Uruguayan family is the Deicas Family and the Argentines are: the Michelinis - Mulfatto and McLean. Names of great trajectory in the wine world of both countries.

And what did we mean when we were launching into the adventure? Because this Saturday´s program was something completely unusual and exceptional.

Very few people work at CUVdM and they are not focused to tourism. But they were kind enough to receive us at the vineyard in the middle of the harvest, which is the vital moment of the year for the production of their 2022 wines, interrupting their work, to hosted us and tell us about their work.

We were received by the agricultural engineer, Inés, who gladly made a stop in her work in the vineyard and then accompanied us to Pueblo Garzón, 11 km from there, where the winery and restaurant are, and there we were also able to do the tour by the winery in a special way for us.

Later we enjoyed an abundant and exquisite lunch at the winery´s restaurant, ¨Bar de Vinos¨, by Agustina Gagliardi and an incredible staff. All accompanied by its 4 wines: Albariño and Pinot Noir Maldonado / Albariño and Pinot Noir Sierra de las Palmas.

It was a truly unforgettable day, where nothing was missing and even the weather was on our side.

At the end we spent a little while touring the Pueblo Garzón, a place that in 2016, the New York Times named it as one of the 52 places in the world that it is a must to know, and cataloged it as a ¨rustic retreat¨.

We visited a few blocks from the winery, the newly opened art gallery ¨Walden Naturae¨, the new project of Ricardo Ocampo, director and founder of Waldengallery Argentina.

Its main objective is to integrate the gallery experience into the Garzón environment, through the constant dialogue between art and nature.

It has an annual program that combines historical and contemporary exhibitions in all disciplines and media, in its own space of 500 square meters.

On this occasion we were able to appreciate the works of Cristina Schiavi, an Argentine artist who has developed most of her artistic production in the area of ​​Painting and Sculpture.

Thanks a lot to all the friends who joined us and made this day unforgettable.

Photo: Tavis Davidson

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