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Harvest Festival 2024

Harvest time is our favorite time of the year because it's when the wineries come to life and it marks the birth of a new harvest, showcasing the year-round work.

Once again this year, we were part of this unique moment with two very different proposals, offering both daytime and nighttime experiences, where we witnessed the birth of the new 2024 wines.

The first activity took place at Establecimiento Barras de Mahoma. Located in the Mahoma Hills, in the department of San José, just two hours from Montevideo, this family-owned estate is not only dedicated to viticulture but also to livestock farming, agriculture, and forestry.

From its privileged terroir emerged Uruguay's finest Cabernet Sauvignon, awarded 92 points by the Descorchados Guide 2022, and its Signature Cabernet Franc was chosen as the best Cab Franc by the Consumer Choice Contest 2023.

We were warmly welcomed by the directors of this continuously growing project, Silvina Delafond and Mario Rappa. Alongside them, we toured the vineyard, had the opportunity to harvest our own grapes, and then stomped them to the rhythm of the Tarantella.

Later, we enjoyed a delightful countryside lunch in the shade of the family mansion's trees, accompanied by absolutely all the wines from the winery, including their cherished and exclusive Rosé La Vie en Rose, with only 500 bottles produced.

It was an incredibly intimate and special gathering where we felt like we were among friends. Additionally, we were joined by a lovely group of people from different parts of the world, bringing contagious joy to the event.

Thanks a lot to Silvina and Mario for once again opening the doors of their home with such generosity and attention to detail. And of course, to the friends who joined the experience, making it a day that will be hard to forget!

Harvest Festival in Barras de Muhammad. Group tour that departed from Montevideo with Wine Explorers
Harvest at Barras de Muhammad Establishment.

The second activity followed the traditional nighttime harvest format, as it has become a classic every year. In this 2024 edition, we partnered with our friends from Bodega Pizzorno, a family winery with over 100 years of history in our country, located in Las Piedras, just 45 minutes from Montevideo.

Today, the third and fourth generations of the family work together, managing 21 hectares of vineyards cultivated with 12 different grape varieties.

We arrived before sunset and were greeted with exquisite appetizers and an open bar of wines on their beautiful deck overlooking the vineyards.

We then toured the winery with Joaquín and Agustina, responsible for guided tours in English and Spanish, respectively. It was an interactive and entertaining tour that captivated everyone present, from wine enthusiasts to those who are not as familiar with wine.

Later, we ventured into the Merlot vineyard with scissors in hand and headlamps on, to carry out a nighttime harvest, and of course, the most enjoyable part - the classic grape stomping to the beat of music, just like our grandparents used to do. An indescribable experience!

After finishing the hard work, we enjoyed an exquisite dinner accompanied by a great selection of wines from the winery. And, as no party would be complete without it, we had a live DJ who kept everyone on their feet, dancing under the stars to close out the night.

Words cannot express our gratitude to our wonderful hosts for welcoming us as they did, and especially to the amazing group of people who accompanied us and made the magic possible.


Photos by: Tavis Davidson

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Harvest Festival at Bodega Pizzorno with Wine Explorers Uruguay. Travel agency specialized in wineries
Night harvest at Pizzorno Winery

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