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Last Saturday the 17th we visited Bodega Familia Moizo, a family winery, of Italian origin, which we always love to visit since it was the first winery that opened its doors to us in our beginnings, almost 7 years ago.

Since then, we have grown together, each in his own endeavor.

We were received by the entire Moizo family, as is usual in this 100% handmade project.

The activity that brought us together was the Pruning Festival. The pruning of the vineyards in Uruguay begins in the month of July and lasts until September.

During that time, the vineyards are pruned to prepare adequately for budding that will restart next spring.

This pruning stage is essential to ensure the quality of the fruit that will be harvested in the 2022.

From all this we were able to learn from Omar´s hand and some were encouraged to put it into practice, obviously with his supervision.

In addition, of course, we enjoyed a delicious lunch made by the family, accompanied by wines from the winery´s reserve line.

Thank you very much Moizo Family for receiving us once again with such dedication and affection. It is always a pleasure to visit you and we feel very spoiled by you.

And of course, to all the Wine Explorers who joined us on another adventure!

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