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ST. JOHN’S EVE: Bonfire Night at Hotel Le Bibló

Last Thursday, June 23, we enjoyed one of the most meaningful and magical nights of the year, St. John’s Eve!! On this date, the arrival of the Austral Winter Solstice is celebrated as it is present in many myths and legends.

The mansion converted into a luxury hotel, Le Bibló, was the setting that welcomed us with all its charm. We participated in the classic ritual of the bonfire, to the sound of live pipers, guided by Mariella Pizzorno, where we offered to the fire together with pine branches, little pieces of paper where we wrote everything that we wanted to leave behind and everything that we wanted to attract, predicting all the good what we want for our lives, according to various pagan traditions.

Later, in the incredible facilities of the Hotel, we enjoyed a first class dinner by the duo of Chefs Phillip Berzins and Olivier Horion, accompanied by a careful selection of wines from the Alto de la Ballena, Costa Flores and BraccoBosca wineries.

With a number of attendees we never imagined, everything was joy, music, color, warmth, magic and a gift for our hearts for each of us who were part of this night full of mysticism.

We love each edition more than the previous one and it fills us with joy to be able to share these unique moments with you.

We can only thank the entire team at Hotel Le Bibló for received us in their home and taking care of all the details so that we had a memorable evening. Also to all the people who worked with us and fundamentally to the almost 80 people who accompanied us and made possible a night that we will remember for a long time.

Total happiness and gratitude!

Until the next St John´s eve!

Photo: Tavis Davidson

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