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Cerro del Toro Winery's vineyard is located in Maldonado, at the base of the hill that bears its name. It is owned by the Japanese Kambara family, with an estate covering 800 hectares, of which 28 are currently under production.

In this very place, Francisco Piria, an alchemist who lived in Uruguay in the 19th century, had established his vineyard in the same location where this winery's vineyards are now situated.

He considered this area privileged for grape harvesting, both for the type of soil and its proximity to the ocean. In fact, Cerro del Toro's vineyard is the closest to the Atlantic Ocean in Uruguay, and you can see the sea from there.

This is a relatively young winery; in 2016, the first vineyards were planted. When we visited three years ago, they had just launched their first wines, and the spectacular deck where we enjoyed lunch did not yet exist. So, we love being witnesses to their growth.

Upon arrival, we were welcomed by the winery's General Manager, Martín López, the wine consultant, Duncan Killiner from New Zealand, and the sommelier Valentina Uranga, responsible for tourism. Alongside them, we toured the vineyard and later savored a delicious lunch provided by Kraken Piriápolis on the incredible deck, from which we could admire a truly privileged view.

The wine selection was impressive, with a particular highlight on the Alquimia and Singular lines. There is no doubt that the wines from this winery are faithful representatives of their unique terroir.

It was an incredible spring day that allowed us to fully immerse ourselves in the special mystique surrounding this vineyard.

Thanks a lot to Martín, Duncan, Valentina, and the entire team who received us with such dedication and warmth! They made us feel truly special.

And, of course, thanks to the friends who joined us with their ever-positive vibes.

It was simply a perfect and unforgettable day. Thanks to everyone who made it possible.

Until next time!

Photos: Tavis Davidson

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