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Last Saturday, September 17, we visited Bodega Garzón, in an avant-premiere of the such awaited spring. And the truth is that we could not choose a better day to visit this winery that never ceases to amaze us, with a sun that shone for us in all its splendor.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by Natalia and Michel, the winer'y guides (English and Spanish respectively), with whom we toured the vineyard and the impressive winery facilities. They both managed to keep our attention and teach us a lot of new things, in a very pleasant and relaxed way. It was truly a no-waste, fun tour, suitable for both oenophiles and those just starting out in the world of wine. During the tour, we taste 4 wines, a white, a rosé and 2 reds.

One of the central axes of the tour was being able to explain how the winery can be 100% self-sustaining.

Its building is an icon worldwide for being the first sustainable winery outside of North America with LEED certification, which includes its entire facility, something unprecedented worldwide.

In addition, in 2018 it was chosen as the "Best Winery in the New World" by the prestigious Wine Enthusiast's magazine.

Once the tour was over, in the VIP room of the restaurant run by the famous Chef Francis Mallmann, was waiting for us an incredible long table. There we enjoyed a super gourmet lunch accompanied by a careful selection of wines designed for our dishes. Of course, before finishing, we held the long-awaited wine raffles and there was no lack of laughter and the usual good vibes.

It was a tremendously enjoyable experience, we felt so well received that we can only thank all the winery staff for making us feel unique and making each visit better than the previous one. Although it seems that you cannot ask for more, they always manage to exceed our expectations.

And the most important thing to close: infinite thanks and especially to all attendees who made it possible once again, it fills us with joy that you continue to trust us and encourages us to continue along this path with more effort and love for our work than ever.

Until next time!

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