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Wine Explorers Team - Veronica and Tavis in wineries in Uruguay

Our mission is to take you on an unparalleled journey to all types of wineries: from the quaint to the grand, from the lesser-known gems to the renowned establishments. We are true explorers, driven by the excitement of discovering places where the joy of good wine intertwines with captivating stories waiting to be unveiled.


We are passionate not only about the wine itself, but also to the rich tapestry of culture woven around it. This venture is our outlet to indulge in what we cherish the most: revealing the myriad of offerings of Uruguayan wineries while creating and sharing unique moments. When your profession aligns with your passion, it transforms into one of life's most rewarding pursuits.


What defines our group events is the spirit of camaraderie and integration among everyone who joins us. Some become frequent explorers, while others gradually immerse themselves in each new adventure. The essence of Wine Explorers lies in shared conversations, laughter and anecdotes, all forming an integral part of the overall experience.

Tavis , parte del equipo de Wine Explorers, disfrutando de una copa de vino en Bodegas Bouza
Tavis Davidson
Bandera de Suiza, país de Tavis Davinson, colaborador, traductor y fotografo de Wine Explorers
Bandera de Estados Unidos, país de Tavis Davinson, colaborador, traductor y fotografo de Wine Explorers

Collaborator, translator and official photographer of Wine Explorers.

Biology teacher at the Uruguayan American School.

Holds degrees in biological sciences and education from Cornell University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Master of Arts in Teaching.

Verónicaen Tour grupal organizado en Wine Explorers.
Flag of Uruguay, country of Verónica González, director of Wine Explorers Uruguay
Verónica González Carli

Founder and Director of Wine Explorers Uruguay.

Holder of a Bachelor's degree in Communication Sciences from UDELAR , Uruguay and a diploma in Wine and Viticulture Tourism from the MAZA University in Mendoza, Argentina.

Miss Uruguay 1999 for Miss Universe.

Wine explorers de vistias en Bodega Braccobosca

Verónica has represented Uruguay in various competitions, including Miss Universe 1999 in Trinidad and Tobago. This not only provided her with a global network of friends, but also made her a natural host whenever friends from abroad visited. 

At that time, wine tourism in Uruguay was in its infancy. Verónica passionately explored wineries not initially geared towards tourism, persuading them to open their doors to her and her guests. Through word of mouth, her circle expanded beyond friends to include foreign residents and locals eager to discover Uruguayan wineries alongside her.


One day, with over 30 people en route to a winery, Verónica felt the need to give a name to the group. This, quite organically, Wine Explorers Uruguay came into being. Recognizing the importance of bringing someone else into the project, Tavis Davidson entered the scene. Tavis, who had been part of the tours since day one, was a genuine Wine Explorer. 

Since becoming an official part of the Wine Explorers team, Tavis has become an indispensable collaborator. Not only contributing significantly to the group's growth and trajectory, but also because of his deep understanding of the Wine Explorers' ethos and shared passion for the group with Verónica.


What commenced in 2015 as a genuine aspiration has evolved into a project declared of national interest by the National Institute of Vitiviniculture. Wine Explorers has conducted over 170 group tours across 50 diverse wineries in Uruguay, guiding more than 4000 individuals and crafting more than 250 personalized wine tourism itineraries for visitors to Uruguay.


Vino Wine Explorers . Compuesto por Tannat, Merlot y Petit Verdot - Vinos del Uruguay


Tannat 2019

Merlot 2020


Petit Verdot 2019


After years of immersive adventures across Uruguay's varied wineries and countless shared toasts, "We" emerged in 2021 – a wine crafted to encapsulate our essence through the elixir that unites us all: wine.

We Wine

Blend of

The artwork adorning the “We” label is the creation of African artist Tendai Gumbo Wilkinson. Born in Zimbabwe, Tendai has resided in Uruguay for nine years and, along with her husband Christopher, has been a loyal attendee at Wine Explorer's events. Her design, inspired by her experiences in Uruguay with Wine Explorers, features the infinity symbol – a testament to the interconnectedness between land, vine, wine, and people.

Tannat, the quintessential grape of our nation, takes the spotlight in this blend, commanding a significantly higher percentage than the other two varieties. Bodega Bracco Bosca's Tannat is distinct for faithfully expressing its terroir, yielding an elegant Tannat that challenges preconceived notions about the grape and aligns with our philosophy. Merlot, a standout in the winery, imparts a touch of freshness and acidity, contributing to an exquisite balance in the blend. Petit Verdot, a rarity with only 35 hectares planted nationwide, mirrors Tannat's adaptability to our soil, producing potent yet elegant wines. Beyond being another jewel in the winery's collection, it infuses the blend with elevated aromatic notes, symbolizing our quest for the nation's hidden treasures.


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