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Last Wednesday, November 30, we enjoyed a pairing dinner where we traveled via our senses to Piedmont, Italy.

The Dueto Cocina Urbana restaurant was the setting for this special night, with a menu designed by Chef Pablo Paleo paired with a careful selection of the best wines from Bodega Pablo Fallabrino.

We were accompanied by Pablo Fallabrino himself who was very generously explaining each of the wines we were tasting.

The menu and wines were as follows:

1st Course

Vitello Tonnato

Wine: Pablo Fallabrino: Arneis - Chardonnay

2nd Course

Eggplant pomodoro

Wine: Pablo Fallabrino: Barbera

3rd Course

Forest Risotto

Wine: Pablo Fallabrino: Notos - Nebbiolo

4th Course

Homemade veal lasagna, with tomatoes and basil au gratin

Wine: Pablo Fallabrino: Austros Gran Reserva - Tannat 

Step 5.

Red fruit Panna Cotta

Wine: Pablo Fallabrino: Alma Surfer: Natural Sparkling Wine - Pet Nat

With a spectacular setting, an incredible table and many friends who joined us, it was an unforgettable night.

Truly an experience that we can say that not only met but exceeded the expectations of all of us and that it was a pleasure to be part of and work with such professional people who know how to do things well.

Thank you very much Mercedes, Pablo and the Dueto restaurant team for taking care of all the details, for the delicious food and for hosted us as you did.

Thank you very much Pablo Fallabrino for having shared with us so many stories and the passion behind your wines with that unmistakable stamp.

And of course, most importantly, thanks a lot to all the friends who trusted in this proposal and accompanied us with the usual warmth and good energy.

An incredible night!


Photo: Tavis Davidson

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