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We are thrilled and proud to share some wonderful news with you:

Wine Explorers Uruguay has been declared a NATIONAL INTEREST FOR URUGUAYAN VITICULTURE by INAVI (The Uruguayan National Institute of Viticulture).

This recognition fills us with pride and pushes us to continue on this path with even greater responsibility and commitment.

We’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a little more about us:

Wine Explorers Uruguay is an endeavor dedicated to actively promoting wine tourism in Uruguay in three different ways:

1- Organizing open group visits to Uruguayan wineries, with up to two tours per month, catering to local residents (both Uruguayan and expatriates residing in the country.

We strive to avoid repeating visits to the same winery within the same year (preferably every two years).

This allows our clients to join us as many times as they wish, while ensuring a different wine tourism experience each time.

2- Arranging corporate events at Uruguayan wineries.

3- Creating personalized wine tours, tailoring itineraries to the interests of each client.

Wine Explorers was established in 2015 and has continued operating up to present day without interruption, even during the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since our start, we have conducted over 160 group tours, visiting 50 different Uruguayan wineries, with approximately 4000 people!

We have also created over 200 custom wine tourism itineraries for tourists visiting Uruguay.

Wine Explorers is also in the top recommendations in the prestigious Guru'Guay guide (the most visited website in Uruguay for foreigners planning to travel to our country) and featured in the specialized travel magazine and website Petit Fute (France).

Our greatest differentiating factor is our focus on delivering wine tourism experiences that prioritize quality and personalized service over quantity. We hold the highest rating on Google (5.0) thanks to our clients' reviews.

Throughout our history, we have established excellent relationships with wineries across the country, enabling us to provide our clients with authentic and enriching experiences.

Our next challenge will be Wine Explorers' first fully international wine tourism trip, traveling to Mendoza, Argentina in September 2023 (which has already sold out!).

Thank you so much for being with us and placing your trust in us.

Our recognition by INAVI is thanks to all YOU!

With warm regards,

Vero and Tavis

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