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The harvest is our favorite time of the year, because it is when the wineries are full of life. It is the birth of a new harvest, when the work of the whole year manifests itself.

This year, once again we were part of this unique moment in two ways, daytime and nighttime, and we witnessed how the new 2022 wines were being developed.

For the daytime edition on Saturday, March 5, the place chosen was Antigua Bodega, a family winery built in 1928, where modern wines are made, endowed with finesse and great charm.

We were received by the owner, Virginia Stagnari, along with her daughter, Mariana, and with them we took a guided tour of the vineyard and the winery.

Later, we enjoyed their Rosé Trendy wine and exquisite empanadas to gain strength and head to the Merlot grape vineyard. There, scissors in hand, we harvest our own grapes and once we reach a good quantity, we tread on them to the sound of the typical Italian “Tarantela”, played live by the incredible musical duo “Brindis”.

Then we enjoyed the lunch, an incredible selection of premium meats with a wide variety of salads. All accompanied by the richest wines from the winery, including its incomparable Osiris, in the Merlot and Tannat varieties.

Without a doubt it was a day that was enjoyed from beginning to end, the joy was total and we felt very honored and special.

We love when we are received by the winery's own family, it is of great value to us, and it is a completely different touch that gives a very special plus to the experience.

When we planned this party, we dreamed it would be amazing, but it exceeded all our expectations.

Many thanks to our hosts: Virginia, Mariana, Fabián and the entire winery team who received us with so much love and dedication that we will never forget.

Our second activity was at Bodega Spinoglio on Friday, March 11 at night.

The night harvest is a practice that is becoming more and more widespread.

The benefits provided by the night temperature help when picking and handling the bunches, because the grapes are firmer and fresher, something that we were able to discover and experience for ourselves.

We were received by Diego Spinoglio, Cecilia Baldi and part of the winery's staff, who welcomed us in their incredible garden overlooking the vineyard, with a glass of Chardonnay from the Diego Spinoglio line and snacks.

With the musical background of the bandoneonist Sergio Astengo, the sky already beginning to darken and the little lights in the garden, it was a magical moment that prepared us to begin our nightly harvest.

We took a tour of the winery and immediately headed to the vineyard, with our headlamps and scissors in hand to harvest our own grapes, which we then stomp to the sound of the tarantella performed live.

And after working so hard, of course the reward came: a delicious dinner accompanied by the most iconic wines from the winery.

It was an adventure from start to the end, on a starry night, with the best company, excellent cuisine and exquisite wines. In addition, the usual raffles, laughter and joy. Impossible to ask for more!

Our hosts, Diego Spinoglio, Cecilia Baldi and the winery team, received us with total dedication and affection. It is always a pleasure to visit them.

And as always, total thanks to the friends who accompanied us in both meetings and once again trusted us. Without you, none of this would be possible. THANK YOU.

Until the next harvest!

Photos: Tavis Davidson

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