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The grape harvest is our favorite time of the year because it's when the wineries come to life and a new harvest is born, manifesting the year's hard work.

This year, we were part of this unique moment in two ways, during the day and at night, and we witnessed the birth of the new 2023 wines.

The daytime activity took place on Saturday, March 4th at Bodega Pizzorno, a family winery with over 100 years of history in our country. Today, the third and fourth generations work together, which has 21 hectares of vineyards cultivated with 12 different grape varieties.

Upon arrival, we were welcomed with delicious wines and empanadas. We then took a tour of the winery and had lunch in their newly renovated restaurant while waiting for the rain to stop.

Later, the sky cleared and the grape harvest began. We harvested our own grapes with scissors, learned to measure sugar levels, and then stomped the grapes to the beat of the music. It was an unforgettable experience.

We thank our hosts, Lucio, Joaquín, and the entire winery team for receiving us with such dedication and affection.

The nighttime activity took place on Friday, March 10th at Bodega Artesana, a charming winery located in the Las Brujas region, 35 km from Montevideo.

Created in 2011 and run by women, it focuses on the production of fine wines, with an emphasis on Uruguay's emblematic variety, Tannat. It is also the first and only winery in the country that produces Zinfandel and also produces other varieties such as Cabernet Franc and Merlot.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by Analía, the winery's director, along with the winemaker, who waited for us on their incredible deck overlooking the vineyard, with well-chilled wines and delicious bites.

With an incredible musical ambiance and the sky beginning to darken, it was a magical moment that prepared us for our nighttime harvest.

We took a tour of the winery and then headed to the vineyard, with our headlamps and scissors in hand, to harvest our own grapes, which we then stomped to the beat of the tarantella.

And after working so hard, of course, came the reward, a delicious dinner accompanied by the winery's most iconic wines. To close the night, we had a live DJ who kept everyone dancing for a long time.

It was an adventure from beginning to end, on a starry summer night, with great company, excellent gastronomy, and exquisite wines. In addition, the usual raffles, laughter, joy, and dance... Impossible to ask for more!

Thanks a lot to our hosts, Analía and her winery team, who welcomed us with such nice details.

It's always a pleasure to visit them.

And as always, thank you all who accompanied us in both editions, selling out the spots in just a few days.

Without you, none of this would be possible. THANK YOU.

Until the next grape harvest!

Photos: Tavis Davidso

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