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The Nostalgia Night is one of the favorites of Uruguayans for being a unique party in the world, it is a national pride.

The past year was sadly overlooked in the wake of the pandemic and we all stayed home listening to our own selection of oldies.

This year timidly and taking all the necessary precautions, in Uruguay we celebrated it again and we, the Wine Explorers, did it for the first time as a group.

The chosen place was "Primuseum", the museum of the primus, which opened its doors exclusively for us, being the perfect setting for the occasion. It is an emblematic place of the Old City, full of history, charm and authenticity, three elements that we adore!

On that night, music, gastronomy and wine were all combine into a truly unique experience.

The menu we enjoyed surprised us and was wonderfully accompanied by a selection of wines from the Cerro del Toro Winery, presented by Sommelier Líber Pisciottano.

Throughout the evening the classic oldies of the 70s, 80s and 90s sounded, but the highlight was a tango show that we enjoyed in two 30-minute stretches, which were an enjoyment from beginning to end, with first-rate musicians and dancers that left the audience speechless.

It was a great emotion to have lived a night in that place with so many stories to tell, surrounded by people so warm and eager to enjoy a different evening.

Seeing such beautiful things happen in our country and being able to be part of them is something that never ceases to amaze us and for which we are always and will be immensely grateful.

Many thanks to all the Primuseum staff for opening the doors of their magical house and delighting us with such delicious dishes, to Líber Pisciottano for his impeccable work as sommerlier, to the musicians for offering us such amazing show and especially to the 31 friends who accompanied us and made that night possible.

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