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Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Located in the Las Brujas region, 35 km from Montevideo, it is a young winery, created in 2011 and run by women.

They only make fine wines and are focused on the production of Tannat, the emblematic variety of Uruguay. They also produce Zinfandel, being the first and only winery in the country that has this variety of Californian origin, and in less quantity, other varieties such as Cabernet Franc and Merlot.

There we had the opportunity to see the sunset and then enjoy a meal with local products, accompanied by their wines. The proposal was to enjoy typical Uruguayan gastronomy, with the gourmet style of Artesana.

It was an incredible late night, with an unbeatable setting, sunset, campfire, exquisite food and wines, and above all, with the best company. What more could we want?

Nobody wanted to go back! We wanted to stay and live looking at the starry sky with the heat of the fire. A night to remember without a doubt.

Many thanks to all the Artesana team for making us feel so at home, taking care of every detail of our visit. And above all, thank you and more thanks to all the friends who joined us, who are the ones who make each occasion unique.

Why do we say friends? Because more than 95% of those who accompany us in each edition, are people who have been coming for a long time, supporting our proposals, recommending us, inviting their friends ... that gives us the guideline that we are on the right path, always learning and trying to do it better.

That's why Wine Explorers is what it is because to all you!


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