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Tannat & Lamb Festival at Castillo Viejo Winery

The Tannat is the flagship and most produced wine in our country. Because of its high levels of tannins and structure, it goes very well with red meats and among them lamb is the best combination. As lamb is a strong meat, it needs a wine to enhance it, and there’s nothing better than Tannat for that. This is why they are the perfect pairing!!

We enjoyed this special pairing at the Bodega Castillo Viejo, a winery of Basque/French origin, with more than 100 years of history.

We were received by Ana Etcheverry, the owner, who was delighted to have us visit. She told us first-hand the story of her family and her winery.

We visited the facilities and afterwards we enjoyed their gastronomic delights and specially selected high-end wines all in the spectacular underground cellar which was built in 1927.

We also had the presence of the musical duo "Dos Guitarras", who added joy to the day.

Thank you very much to our hosts and to all the friends who joined us!

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