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Last Saturday we visited Bodega BraccoBosca, on an almost summer day that gave us this winter.

We were received by Fabiana Bracco, its director, and Jaqueline, the winery's sommelier, with whom they form a super team.

Hand in hand with Fabiana, we toured her vineyard, the inns (which the last time we had visited in 2020 only had one newly opened), its pool, tub and incredible surroundings.

Then we enjoy some delicious snacks outdoors and their Moscatel wine, ideal for that sunny day.

Later, in its brand new dining room, at a large table we shared a lunch by Tsunami Restó accompanied by the best wines from the winery.

It was a day full of laugh and surprises. We really felt super special, like in every visit.

Thank you very much BraccoBosca for receiving us with so much love. And thanks once again to all the friends who joined the proposal with their characteristic joy, which makes each meeting so special.

Until next time!!

Photo: Tavis Davidson

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