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Last Saturday, May 6th, we visited the charming Las Espinas Restaurant and Vineyard.

Located in Punta Negra, Maldonado, this destination is part of the prestigious Bouza Winery and offers panoramic views of its vineyards, as well as Cerro Pan de Azúcar and Cerro del Toro.

We began with an exclusive tour of the vineyard (the first one they officially offered) led by winemaker Eduardo Boido. It was a pleasure to listen to him share his knowledge with such generosity and passion.

Next, following the path through the hills, we arrived at the incredible restaurant, which opened just last December. The top-notch cuisine, in perfect harmony with the unmistakable wines of Bouza Winery, created an exceptional fusion of quality, refinement, and landscape.

We want to highlight the impeccable service provided by the restaurant staff, as well as the Bouza family, who closed the venue exclusively for us. Despite the weather conditions, the good energy and the wonderful rainbow that marked the end of the day allowed us to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Thanks a lot to our hosts for carefully organizing our visit and to our friends who made this unforgettable experience possible. Undoubtedly, Las Espinas Restaurant and Vineyard is a destination we highly recommend to anyone seeking a unique and exclusive wine tourism experience in Uruguay.

Until our next visit!

Photos: Tavis Davidson

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