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Last Saturday, November 25th, we visited Sierra Oriental Winery located in Paraje José Ignacio, Maldonado.

Last year, we visited for the first time, and it was one of the most special experiences we've had in almost 9 years of exploring Uruguay's different wineries.

So, this year, we could't wait to repeat the experience!

A bit of history about the winery:

Since his teenage years, Rodrigo Diz, in the 1980s, looked from the beaches of José Ignacio towards the inland mountains on the horizon, and like in Galicia or Tuscany, he imagined having a farm there, combining sea and mountains, swimming, and horseback riding.

In 2003, that dream came true when he discovered what is now Establecimiento La Oriental in Paraje José Ignacio. There, in 2004, he planted 12,000 olive trees and in 2005, 7 hectares of vineyards: Tannat,

Cabernet Sauvignon, and Petit Verdot.

In 2011, he planted the first white vines: Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Gris, and Pinot Grigio, as well as one of his favorite reds, Sangiovese.

In 2015, he inaugurated the winery on the same property with machinery and tanks brought from Tuscany, Italy.

Today, his wines have twice won the most important award at the International "Tannat al Mundo".

Competition and received 7 scores over 90 in international publications.

Upon arrival at the winery, after traversing beautiful landscapes among the mountains, we were personally greeted by its director, Rodrigo Diz.

Alongside him, we toured the vineyard and the winery, learning

firsthand about the entire history and passion behind this incredible place.

Later, on the porch of his house with incredible views, we enjoyed an exquisite lunch prepared by Ludmila Montoya's team, who cooked live for us. Each dish was a delight, paired excellently with the winery's

wines, generously served and explained by Rodrigo.

We had very high expectations after last year's incredible experience, and the truth is, they were surpassed by far.

Visiting a winery where the owner himself welcomes you into his home, organizes and personally prepares the visit, making you feel like part of his family, is incomparable. And if we add to that a place that transports you to Tuscany, exquisite gastronomy, and top-notch wines, it's an experience that's hard to forget.

Moreover, as if all the above wasn't already good enough, we had a day blessed with wonderful weather and, most importantly, a marvelous group of people who accompanied us, eager to enjoy and with

excellent energy, making a memorable day possible.

Thank you, Rodrigo Diz, for being a remarkable host, to the entire Ludmila Montoya team for the excellent cuisine, and to everyone who joined this proposal, filling the spots in less than 24 hours.

We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to live and share days like these.


Photo: Tavis Davidson

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