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Last satuday 19 November we visited for fist time the Barras de Mahoma Vineyard! Located in the Sierras de Mahoma, in the city of San José, where in addition to viticulture, the family farm is dedicated to livestock, agriculture and forestry.

A little information about the BME:

In 2001, upon evaluation of the great potential of these lands for growing vines, the owners decided to plant their first vineyard with three red grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and of course, Tannat.

From this privileged terroir emerged the Best Cabernet Sauvignon in Uruguay, according to the Descorchados 2022 Guide with a rating of 92 points! Quite an achievement for this variety, considering that it is produced less and less in Uruguay, but it turns out that the Sierras de Mahoma region is the ideal

place to grow it, allowing for the best expression of the variety. This is due in great part to the study and meticulous work of the agricultural engineer, Mario Rappa.

We were received by the directors of this project that has not stopped growing: Silvina Delafond and Mario Rappa. They were waiting for us with living rooms and an incredible table in the shade of the big plane tree that is in the garden of the family house.

There we tasted a delicious snack with two of their wines before going out to tour the vineyard.

Later we went with Mario to the vineyard and we had the chance to participate in the weeding of the bunches together with Alberto, the manager of the vineyard.

After that, Silvina and her team were waiting for us with an exquisite country lunch with typical products from the area that we accompanied with the entire variety of wines from the winery, including the Best Cabernet Sauvignon in Uruguay and its icon wine: Amadeus. For coffee, they also prepared pasta flora de

dulce de membrillo y dulce de leche, a delicacy!

It was an extremely intimate and special meeting, where we felt treated as if we were visiting a friend's house.

But the day did not end there, since very close to the vineyard is located the town of Mal Abrigo, whose railway station was declared a National Historic Monument.

There we were able to tour together with the local guide Leandro Camy, the old station, platforms,

turntable, machine shed and the water tank, among other facilities, as well as local artisans selling homemade products.

Besides, as a great surprise of the day, Leandro took us to see his family's winery, which bears the name of “Bodega y granja Tomasa” and was inaugurated in 1936.

Closed for more than 50 years, it has remained in intact condition since 1971, when it last operated, and it was opened especially so that we can visit it, with the great plus that José Salinas, who worked in the winery for more than 40 years, ¡also accompanied us!

Being able to have the privilege of knowing such a place was completely unprecedented and highly valued by all of us.

It was a completely special day with all the experiences we had, accompanied by a wonderful human group.

What more can we ask for?

Just thank everyone who was part of this unforgettable day.


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