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The past 4 Wednesdays of May, we carried out an unprecedented cycle in our country: 4 Tasting Master Classes entirely in English, dictated by the one chosen as the best Sommelier of Uruguay in 2021, Líber Pisciottano.

It was a cycle of 4 consecutive meetings, but each one was independent and the attendees could choose to participate in all of them or just some of them.

And as a great closing, we had a fifth meeting where we had a blind tasting and a subsequent pairing dinner, on Thursday, June 1.

The place where these meetings took place was in the house of our friends from Baco Bistró, where we were able to enjoy their second floor exclusively for us, with the impeccable and professional service that characterizes them.

The topics covered in our Master Classes were: Vinification of white, rosé, red and sparkling wines, Aging in wines and the influence of the barrel, Old world wines and New world wines.

In the blind tasting and closing dinner, the attendees had to put into practice their knowledge acquired in past meetings to be able to distinguish which wines the proposal was about. And later we enjoy a dinner of 5 exquisite steps.

It was a great challenge for Wine Explorers to carry out this cycle, from the organization, the choice of topics together with Líber, the materials, the logistics, the coordination, the fact of doing it in English, and many more things!

We learned a lot, not only about wines but about how to improve in each meeting, striving to make each one better than the previous one.

We want to acknowledge the work of Líber Pisciottano, who accepted this challenge from the beginning with great enthusiasm and generosity to sharing his knowledge.

To the Baco Restó team, for always receiving us with such warmth and being attentive to our requirements in such an exceptional way.

And most importantly, to the friends who accompanied us throughout the cycle, without them it would not have been possible.

We are already planning to replicate it in Spanish and make a second edition in English addressing other topics, since the world of wine is infinite.

Total happiness!

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