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Last Saturday we inaugurated 2023 with our first event, already a summer classic for Wine Explorers: Wine summer day at Aguaverde Wine Lodge.

Aguaverde is a place of absolute magnificence, unlike any other that we visit.

It is a celebration of natural beauty, situated at the top of Cerro Eguzquiza in Maldonado. 

Aguaverde offers panoramic views of the countryside, combined with its vineyards, its incredible facilities and an infinity swimming pool that truly seems to have no end.

Their vineyards and grapes are carefully looked after for by the Familia Deicas winery, with whom they share a passion for wines. Their main varieties include: Tannat, Merlot, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Some of the wines that come from its vineyards are created to be tasted exclusively there, in Aguaverde.

Although it is a place that is enough to arrive to be dazzled and feel that you have found your place in the world... what most falls in love with Aguaverde is its people, the wonderful team that runs that place, regardless of the role they play.

We were received by his manager Pancho Marqués, with whom we toured the facilities and vineyard. Then we had time to enjoy its incredible pool, while we tried different delicacies accompanied by its wines.

Later we enjoyed a 5-step pairing lunch, designed especially for us, which had never been prepared there before and which was inspired by our group with great dedication and detail.

The selection of dishes and wines was simply spectacular, and the sommelier Adolfo Burguer explained how they had chosen each step together with the team of chefs: Gabriel Obregón, Fabricio Montelongo and Verónica Mendizabal, a pairing that was a gift for all our senses, difficult to forget.

Thank you very much Pancho, Adolfo and all that incredible team that makes up the great Aguaverde family. At each visit we feel welcomed and at home.

Thank you to all the friends who joined us: the old friends, friends we haven't seen for a long time and new friends... for trusting in this proposal that was super special, inaugurating the 2023 year as we like most: celebrating life with wonderful people.

Photos: Tavis Davidson

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