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Autumn is an ideal season to visit wineries with the freshness in the air and the change of color of the leaves on the grape vines.

With a full sun, we enjoyed an autumn day with all the charm of this iconic winery in our country that never ceases to amaze us at each visit.

Bodegas Carrau is one of the oldest wineries in our country. It was built in 1887 and his family has a great winemaking history, from where they are originate, Catalonia, Spain, later in our country from 1930 and all the way to the present day.

Its colonial house and the beautiful park and vineyards make it a charming place to visit.

We were received by the winemakers Noelia and Inés, and together with them we toured the small vineyard that they keep in their Montevideo winery, its old facilities and then we enjoyed an exquisite Creole lunch with a wine tasting specially selected for the occasion.

Thanks a lot to our hostesses for taking care of every detail of our visit and to the great gastronomic team.

And fundamentally, to all the friends who once again accompanied us with their usual joy and good vibes. They are the true protagonists of all our meetings and those who make it so special.

Until the next adventure!

Photo: Tavis Davidson

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