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Last Wednesday we enjoyed a dinner of 7 steps and 7 wines that we will remember for a long time.

Los Nadies is a winery which we greatly admire, not only of course for its wines, but also for the people who make it a reality, starting with Manuel Filgueira, his wife Gabriela and their two children.

Umami is also a restaurant very dear to us. Chef Nacho Lacava is one of the best chefs in Uruguay and together with the whole team at Umami, it will hopefully be a place you will return to many times on your own.

Together, Nacho and Manuel have worked together to design this incredible 7-course menu paired with the wines of Los Nadies.

Here goes the detailed menu:

Step 1:

Tempura Broad Beans with Creme Fraiche, Black River Sturgeon Caviar and Togarashi.

Wine: Sparkling Celebration

Step 2:

Cured Fish, Confit Fennel Salad, Orange Curd with Saffran

Wine: Sparkling (Cork Fermented)

Step 3:

Marinated preserves from the sea and land

Wine: Rose 2021

Step 4:

Jambonneau of Sweetbreads, leek and sweet Chili

Wine: Equilibrio 2018

Step 5:

Compressed Wild Boar served with Plantain and Cabbage Kimchi

Wine: Equilibrio 2011

Step 6:

Semi-sweet chocolate sphere filled with cream cheese, a guava gel core and spheres of red wine.

Wine: Tannat liquor (Puerto del Plata)

Step 7:

Original Cocktail with a grappa base

Thanks for so much talent and giving us a night like this !!

And of course infinite thanks to the friends who joined us once again.

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