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Updated: Feb 9

We had the pleasure of experiencing a very special night: an intimate family dinner at the Bodega Los Nadies, hosted by Manuel Filgueira and his family.

Los Nadies Winery - Wine Explorers - Tour enológico

The Bodega Los Nadies is a 4th generation family winery with Galician roots that has been producing wine in Uruguay since 1923. Their wines are all high-end and long-aged and are produced using ancestral French techniques to achieve sophisticated flavors with simple techniques. The vineyard is located at the intersection of Cuchilla Verde and Canelones, planted in clay and calcareous soils typical in southern Uruguay. Their winery is located in Montevideo's Prado neighborhood, which is also the location of their family home.

The evening started while there was still daylight in the garden, as guests gathered at the entrance of the house. Manuel greeted each one with his usual enthusiasm.

We toured the winery with him and appreciated the drawings painted on its walls, while he started telling us the first stories.

From the very beginning, you could feel the cozy and familiar atmosphere that reigned in the place. The table was prepared with care and detail, as when things are done with love.

The dinner started with a delicious gazpacho, accompanied by crispy bacon and cheese. As the guests enjoyed the soup, conversations began to flow. Manuel shared with all the attendees his history, experiences, challenges, and endearing anecdotes. The atmosphere became increasingly relaxed, as if everyone had been together for years.

Then an exquisite fondue and many other delicacies awaited us to continue enjoying together with their unique wines. Finally, dessert arrived at the table: a typical and exquisite rice pudding accompanied by distilled liquor.

Our hosts managed to create a truly special atmosphere, a night full of shared memories in an atmosphere of intimacy and closeness that made everyone feel at home.

Many thanks to Manuel Filgueira and his family for opening the doors of their home with such hospitality and affection. And of course, thanks a lot to the friends who accompanied us and trusted in this proposal.

The night was an experience difficult to convey in words. All those who attended will remember it for a long time.

Photos: Tavis Davidson

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