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Last Saturday, December 10, we held the New Year's Eve celebration at Bodega BraccoBosca, a boutique winery, small but full of charm, where we always feel at home, since we have accompanied its growth (as well as they accompanied ours) from many years ago.

It is of family origin, its original owners came from Piedmont, Italy, and today Fabiana BraccoBosca is in charge, which already represents the 5th generation. A woman with energy and passion rarely seen. She is the soul of the winery. It is enough to know her to adore her at first sight.

We arrive at time to see the sunset among the vineyards while we enjoy a spectacular snack along with the incredible wines from the winery.

Later we had dinner in their recently inaugurated visiting room and closed the night with raffles, toasts, music and dancing, as it should be in a good celebration.

Thank you very much Fabiana and family, Jaqueline and the entire team for receiving us with such beautiful details.

Thank you very much to the friends who accompanied us that night and also to those who have been doing so for a long time, trusting in our proposals. Nothing would be possible without you who nourish us day by day. So we have nothing but words of infinite gratitude to you.

We wish you that this coming year will continue to provide us with such beautiful moments to share and, of course, that good wine will never be lacking on your tables.

Merry Christmas and New Year to all!

Until next year!!

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