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Farewell to 2023 at H. Stagnari Winery

Updated: Feb 9

We bid farewell to this 2023 with much to celebrate and be grateful for, surrounded by the Explorers who have accompanied us throughout the year and those who join us in each adventure.

Farewell to 2023 at H. Stagnari Winery

The gathering took place at H. Stagnari Winery, a vineyard focused on the production of premium wines crafted from their own grapes sourced from their two vineyards: La Puebla – Canelones (white grapes) and La Caballada – Salto (red grapes).

We arrived before sunset and were welcomed by Lara Stagnari, the third generation of the family, and Silvina Rosas, in charge of winery tourism.

We were greeted with delightful sparkling wines and appetizers, followed by a guided tour of the winery and award room. Lara shared heartwarming family stories with incredible freshness and warmth, which we thoroughly enjoyed.

For dinner, we allowed ourselves to be amazed by the exquisite cuisine of the winery's restaurant, accompanied by a carefully curated selection of wines designed especially for us, including the most awarded Tannat in the world!

And as no good celebration should be without, we enjoyed live music to further brighten the night, performed by the “Banda la Legendaria”, along with our customary raffles.

It was an unforgettable evening from start to finish.

We want to extend our gratitude to Lara Stagnari for welcoming us with such warmth and sharing such beautiful stories about the winery and her family. To Silvina Rosas for her impressive work, ensuring every detail made our visit truly spectacular alongside the winery staff. To the “Banda la Legendaria” for uplifting our night with their music. And most importantly, to all the people who joined, as usual, there were friends from many different nationalities with whom we shared the passion for wine and everything surrounding it.

It was an incredible gathering. Impossible to end the year better.

Our gratitude is immense to everyone who made this a memorable night possible.

See you all in 2024!


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