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ST. JOHN’S EVE: Bonfire Night at Casa Grande winery

We celebrated another Night of San Juan at Casa Grande Winery. It's a true celebration that we enjoy organizing more and more each year, due to the energy and mysticism that can only be experienced on this special occasion where the longest night of the year fills us with its magic.

The Casa Grande Winery was the venue that welcomed us, a friendly winery where we always feel at home.

We took part in the classic bonfire ritual, accompanied by live Galician bagpipers, where we offered written wishes to the fire along with pine branches, following various pagan traditions for attracting what we desire in the coming year.

Later, we enjoyed an exquisite dinner accompanied by a great selection of wines from the winery, at Francesca Dito's painting workshop, who is the Washington's wife and Florencia and Fabrizio's mother, one of the pillars of the winery.

With an incredible turnout, it was all joy, music, color, warmth, magic, and a gift for our hearts, for every one of us who were part of this unique night.

We can only express our gratitude to the incredible family at Casa Grande Winery: Washington, Francesca, Florencia, and the whole team of the winery for opening their doors to us and taking care of every detail to ensure we had a memorable evening.

Also, to Carlos, Gastón, and Carolina, who filled us with joy with their unmistakable music, to our friend Mariella Pizzorno for guiding us in the fire ritual to make our wishes heard, and last but not least, to all the friends who chose to celebrate this night with us and quickly sold out the available spots.

Happiness and total gratitude!

Until the next Night of San Juan!

Photos: Tavis Davidson

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