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The St. John´s Eve is one of our favorite dates of the year. Not only because of the magic that surrounds the winter solstice, but also because we love everything it represents.

This year we celebrate it in two editions: Wednesday 23rd and Saturday 26th June.

The event took place in Alquimista Montevideo, as special and full of magic as St. John!

At the beginning, we wait for our guests with spiced mulled wine and empanadas over the fire.

In an atmosphere of magic and mysticism, we did the ritual of the bonfire, where each one offered to the fire their wishes for everything they want for this new southern year, accompanied by pine branches, so that the protection of this tree ensures our requests.

Then, with an extremely cozy atmosphere according to the occasion, we enjoyed a 3-course dinner, accompanied by a careful selection of high-end Uruguayan wines.

Thanks a lot to Carolina and all the Alquimista team for taking care of every detail of our evening, for the great atmosphere and exquisite dinner, to Ryan Hamilton for his impeccable selection of wines and especially to the 60 people who accompanied us in the two editions.

Until next night St. John´s Eve !!

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