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We recently enjoyed another edition of the Tannat and Lamb Festival on Saturday, June 10th.

What is this 100% Uruguayan festival all about?

Tannat wine is our flagship wine and the most produced in our country. Due to its tannic and structured nature, to fully appreciate its attributes, it needs to be paired with specific foods, such as meats, and among them, lamb is the best match. With its intense flavor, lamb pairs exceptionally well with a wine that enhances its taste, and nothing fits better than Tannat.

Moreover, lamb is one of the most produced meats in the Uruguayan countryside, making this pairing so typical of our country and the perfect marriage!

We enjoyed this festival at Spinoglio Winery, of Italian origin, with over 120 years of history. It is located in a privileged setting, with immense gardens and an impressive cellar built in 1900, surrounded by vineyards and fruit trees.

We took a tour of their vineyard and century-old cellar guided by Cecilia Baldi, the winemaker of the winery. Afterwards, we indulged in a pairing lunch where we savored lamb prepared in various exquisite ways, accompanied by Tannat wines from different lines, vintages, and processes.

And because it was a celebration, we were accompanied by the talented guitarist and soloist Pablo Altesor, who had everyone on their feet, and we closed the day by dancing with a view of the vineyards.

Thanks a lot to our hosts for such a beautiful day and to all the friends who joined us and made it possible with their ever-present joy.

Until the next edition!

Photo: Tavis Davidson

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