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Visit BraccoBosca Winery

Last Saturday we visited Bodega BraccoBosca.

For several years, we have been closely following this winery, and we love being witnesses to its growth over all this time.

When we first visited several years ago, besides the winery, they only had a small tasting room where very few people could fit. Nowadays, they have two incredible inns overlooking the vineyards, a swimming pool and hot tub, a beautiful and spacious hall to welcome visitors, and the most recent addition, which we had

the pleasure of inaugurating, a beautiful terrace overlooking the vineyards.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by Fabiana Bracco Bosca, the director, along with her family and team. We toured the vineyard, winery, and inn, and then we had time to enjoy the pool and delight in a delicious homemade lunch, accompanied by the best wines from the winery, including a surprise wine before it hits the market.

Additionally, we had live music and raffles.

Thank you very much, Fabiana and company, for once again opening the doors to us with so much love and making us feel so special. And of course, to all the friends who accompanied us, from many different nationalities, as is usual, giving that special touch to our events, each one with incredible energy.

Until next time!

Photo: Tavis Davidson

Bodega BraccoBosca - Tour grupal organizado por Wine Explorers Uruguay en 2024

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