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Last Saturday we visited Alto de la Ballena winery, which is framed by the unique beauty of the Laguna del Sauce and the La Ballena hills, in Maldonado city, very close to Punta del Este.

This winery, despite being relatively young (the first vineyard was planted in 2000), is the oldest in the city of Maldonado. Its owners, Paula and Álvaro, are the ones who carry out this project with 8 hectares of vineyards with the Merlot, Tannat, Cabernet Franc, Syrah and Viognier varieties.

Upon arrival we were hosted by Paula, its owner, and Fiorella, the winery´s winemaker and Tourism Manager. They welcome us with an exquisite snack and their 2020 Rosé wine.

Then we toured its vineyard from which unique views can be appreciated.

Later we enjoy an exquisite lunch on the deck with the hills in the background. At times it seemed that we had a photo in front of us, because that incredible landscape never ceases to amaze. Along with lunch we had the privilege of exclusively tasting some of their wines before they are launched: Viognier 2020,

Cabernet Franc 2018, Merlot Reserva 2018 and Cetus 2020 (the top of the line).

It really was an enjoyment from start to the end.

We love the wineries that their owners welcome us, who convey to us their passion and sacrifice to do what they like. Wineries are not what they are only because of their wines, but also because of the people who compose them.

The quality of Alto de la Ballena´s wines speaks to those who work on it every day with so much love.

Without a doubt it was a special day, so we all felt it that we were lucky enough to experience it.

We are already thinking about when will be the next time we visit them. Maybe a sunset?

Any occasion is good.


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