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Last Saturday we visited Bodega Familia Deicas, a family business with a long tradition in our country.

At this time, 3 generations are working together, something very typical of family wineries in Uruguay.

The greatest challenge that its members have and have had is to achieve innovation without losing traditions.

The story began as the Juanicó Establishment, until in 2000, the family decided to separate their projects and start independently with Bodega Familia Deicas, where they began a path of constant innovation that continues to our days.

Deicas family has micro terroir throughout 12 regions of the country, which have in common a marked coastal influence, which generates the climatic characteristics and the necessary conditions for the production of its wines.

We toured its vineyards, winery and their impressive underground cellar.

Then we enjoyed a delicious lunch specially designed for us accompanied by a careful selection of wines that paired perfectly.

Thank you very much to all the Bodega Familia Deicas team for receiving us and to all the friends who joined us.


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