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After the incredible experience last year, we couldn't stop coming back in 2022.

An autumn day with full sun was already predicting that we were at the right time to experience it.

The place amazed us once again from its paths between the mountains that we crossed to arrive with a dazzling landscape.

Sacromonte is an invitation to contemplate, to be embraced by nature and to get to know the Uruguayan indigenous forest in its purest state.

Located in the North of the Department of Maldonado (one hour from Punta del Este), immersed in the Sierra de Carapé, Sacromonte is wine, vineyards, landscape, architecture and sustainability, all geared in perfect synchronicity.

We were received by Edmond Borit, owner manager of this incredible place. From a French family but born and raised in Ica, Peru, Edmond inherited his passion for wine from his grandfather. He came with his family to Uruguay in 2014, leaving his job and determined to spend more time with his large family and fulfill the dream of continuing the family tradition that began in France more than a century ago.

Together with him and Ryan Hamilton, our hosts, we toured the vineyard and the chapel.

Later we had lunch with a view of the indigenous mountain, a picture of which it was hard to believe that we were part of it.

We delight ourselves with the house specialty: lamb and grilled meats, which we pair with their exquisite wines, closing with a delicious dessert and coffee.

We end the day with the view from the panoramic viewpoint and a walk through the ravine with the joy of having been able to enjoy an unforgettable day.

Thanks a lot to our hosts for taking care of every detail of our visit.

And of course, infinite thanks to all the friends who accompanied us on this adventure and made it possible.

Total happiness!

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