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As it has become a classic of Wine Explorers in the month of April, we visited Sacromonte, a place that surprises us every time as if it were the first.

Getting there is a unique experience, crossing paths through the mountains and enjoying a stunning natural landscape.

Sacromonte invites contemplation, to be embraced by nature, and to get to know the indigenous Uruguayan mountain in its purest state. This oasis is located in the north of the Department of Maldonado, an hour away from Punta del Este, immersed in the Sierra Carapé. There, wine, vineyards, landscape, architecture, and sustainability come together in perfect harmony.

We were welcomed by Edmond Borit, founder and responsible for this incredible place, along with the winemaker of the winery, Juan Pablo Fitipaldo.

Of French family but born and raised in Ica, Peru, Edmond inherited his grandfather's passion for wine. He arrived with his family in Uruguay in 2014, leaving his job and determined to spend more time with his large family and fulfill the dream of continuing the family tradition that began in France over a century ago.

Together with our hosts, we toured the vineyard and the chapel.

Later, we enjoyed an exquisite lunch prepared by Chef Tupambaé Cámara, which we paired with a carefully selected selection of 4 wines, closing with a delicious dessert and coffee.

We ended the day with a walk through the creek with the joy of having enjoyed an unforgettable day.

Thank you, Edmond and team, for taking care of every detail of our visit.

And of course, infinite thanks to all the friends who accompanied us on this adventure and made it possible.

Until next time!

Ph: Tavis Davidson

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